National real estate funding solutions since 1988

Trust Mortgage has been a mortgage banking firm that has lent throughout the United States having held FHA, FNMA and other licenses since 1988. We are now focused on arranging FHA-insured loans for multifamily and health care facilities. In this capacity, we are trusted advisers to our borrower clients as we lead them through the process with our lender(s). Our scope currently only includes multifamily, assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals and other health care real estate. These mortgages are 100% FHA-insured so this allows the issuance of GNMA securities by our lenders (AAA-rated) which are sold loan-by-loan.

Our philosophy is to structure transactions so as to process loans for known parameters in the capital markets. We pride ourselves in having secured commitments for all our borrowers once due diligence is completed and firm processing is submitted to HUD. This track record comes from basic real estate knowledge, restructuring deals quickly and efficiently and solving problems as they arise. We strive to provide the best financing programs available and the best pricing through competitive programs with investors and lenders.

Our staff includes real estate developers, property managers and financial experts in commercial real estate.

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