Commercial Mortgage Terminology

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Lending Terms Financial Statements Property Types HUD Definitions Lending Terms Cap. Rate The cap rate is shorthand for Capitalization Rate. Often, an 8% Capitalization Rate will be referred to as an “8 Cap.” The Cap. Rate is the expected return … Read More

How FHA Refi/Acquisition loans work


Explanation Refinance/Acquisition – MAP Loans The FHA/HUD refinance/acquisition program is designed for apartments of more than 5 units. It is conventional financing. FHA insures our mortgages and this results in favorable terms and low rates. Subsidy requirements, affordable housing percentages, … Read More

HUD Tries to reduce LEAN Processing Times:

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From HUD’s webmail: WE ARE REDUCING OUR UNDERWRITING QUEUES!!!! LENDERS CAN HELP We are quickly working our way through our underwriting queues, both in “prepping” projects while in our queues, and in the assignment of underwriters. As we move deeper … Read More

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