HUD Tries to reduce LEAN Processing Times:

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From HUD’s webmail:


We are quickly working our way through our underwriting queues, both in “prepping” projects while in our queues, and in the assignment of underwriters. As we move deeper into our queues, we are finding that, as can be expected, lenders are not necessarily ready to respond to our requests for information/documents. Our goal is to have as many projects as possible in the four Section 223(f) and Section 223(a)(7) queues fully prepped by Mid-December. The prep work that we are doing while projects are in the queue includes conducting the Legal Completeness Check, requesting and receiving updated financials (if applicable), processing APPS/2530 matters, and receiving any other updated information from the lender.

To aid in concentrating our resources on projects that are ready to move to underwriting quickly, we are following the below policy. Although we will continue to follow a FIFO process on assigning loans from the queues to underwriters as much as possible, we intend to only assign projects to underwriters that are fully prepped. Thus, it is very important that you expeditiously submit any required information and documents to fully prep your loans.