Pre-Application architectural requirements for FHA loans

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Pre-Application Architectural Requirements

The architectural requirements for a Pre-Application package may vary depending on the office and current changes. We offer the following as a general guide for developers to understand the process. Architects should consult the proper HUD handbooks.

The architectural handbook and other requirements are found at The MAP guide will give the requirements and more specific URL’s for any required handbooks.

In general a pre-application will require:

1. Sketch plan of the site showing overall dimensions of main building(s), major site elements, e.g. water, sewer, electric, gas in the streets adjacent to the site. Contour lines and elevations are not required in the sketch site plan.

2. Sketch plans of main building(s) must show overall dimensions of:
a. Typical floor plan showing apartment types and placement;
b. ground floor plans showing common areas;
c. Sketch floor plans of typical dwelling units(s);
d. Typical wall section(s) showing footing, foundation, wall and floor structure. Notes must indicate basic materials in structure, floor and exterior.

Sketch plan dimensions must be sufficient to allow the HUD architectural analyst to calculate the Gross Floor Area for the entire project and the Net Rentable Areas for all the apartment units in the project.

This information should be obtained at the following link: Form AIA 305A is the required form for both the architect and contractor.